Seeley International seven year product warranty terms and conditions


  1. Each product must have a general maintenance service performed by Seeley  International (or its nominated appointee), within the fourth year from its  date of purchase. This service will be charged for by Seeley International  (or its nominated appointee).
  2. The maintenance requirements set out in the Owner’s Manual must be  complied with.
  3. At the time of purchase, the supplying dealer must be a current Seeley International dealer. A list of current dealers can be  found on the Seeley International website.
  4. In addition to meeting the conditions set out in this certificate, it is  essential to comply with all of the terms and conditions of the warranty,  for the particular product purchased. If the product purchased is a ducted  evaporative cooler or a ducted gas heater, then if all of these requirements  are met, the warranty period when the goods are used for personal, residential  household purposes, will be seven (7) years from the date of purchase.
  5. The steps that follow must all be complied with:

Please follow these steps to obtain your 7 year warranty:

Step 1
Within the first 6 months of purchasing your product, please register the product
warranty by going to, click on ‘Get Support’, then
click on ‘Register a Warranty’. Warranty must be registered online and cannot be registered by post.

Step 2
In the fourth year, it will be necessary to apply to Seeley International to have a
general maintenance service, performed, and charged for by Seeley International,
on the product. See table below for fourth year service dates.

Date of Purchase* 4th Year Service
mm 2018 Between mm 2021 and mm 2022
mm 2019 Between mm 2022 and mm 2023
mm 2020 Between mm 2023 and mm 2024

*mm = month of purchase date

If you purchased in December 2013, then you simply insert December in
place of the letters mm. So under the table above, the Date of Purchase
will be December 2013, and the 4th Year Service must take place between
December 2016 and December 2017.

To arrange the mandatory service, please either:

Book the service online
Go to, click on ‘Get Support’,
then click on ‘Book a service request’ and complete the form.
or else
Call 1300 650 644 to make your booking.

Step 3
This certificate MUST be retained, together with the receipted service invoice, and
kept in a safe place, so that they can be produced later should a claim under the
warranty be made. (Please note that this is in addition to other documents which
need to be retained – refer to your warranty card for further details.)

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